The life of our Alaskan Huskie and our Mushers

The life of our Alaskan Huskie and our Mushers

Alaskan husky

The dogs we use are Alaskan huskies. The Alaskan husky is not considered a pure breed. It is defined only by its purpose, which is that of a highly efficient sled dog. The husky is a blend of various Northern races, chosen mainly for skills such as pulling. Our dogs are used to be around many different people. They are intelligent, incredibly reliable and hardworking but also really friendly. You can rely on them for their skills and companionship. They will greet you with affection, and you will quickly become a team. We believe they’ll remain in your memory for life.

Tom-Frode Johansen, the master of command

He is the owner of the kennel and has been running dogs for almost 35 years. Tom lives in Furuflaten with his family and delegates his time between tours with guests and training the race team. He has done many races throughout his career as a musher including the 1000km Finnmark Race and the Yukon Quest (where he finished 7th and became rookie of the year). He has also planned and executed several expeditions during his long time working with the dogs. One of them taking prince Albert of Monacco to the North Pole.

Nora Själin

She is originally from Sweden and has been working for Lyngen Outdoor Experiences for 7 years. She has been working with dogs for 10 years, where 2 of these in Alaska. She currently holds the position of kennel manager and besides guiding guests, she also trains the race team and will enter some of the races this year. Nora is always in a good mood, come rain or come shine, and is loved and respected by everybody in the kennel, dogs as well as people.

Jakub Slovik

This energetic polish fellow has been with us for 4 years now and we are so happy he is back. He is bringing 12 of his own dogs to work with us in the kennel this year. Jakub has mushed dogs for several years and has done races in Europe with Greenland dogs before he joined the kennel. He was in the Poland national team for 5 years and he has a 3rd place on European Championship in pure breed class. He has changed breeds to Alaskan huskies and is now keen on starting long distance racing.

David Widmer

He is back for a 3rd season! This Swiss working machine brings so much joy to the kennel. He now has 9 dogs of his own but we think this number will increase fast. His dream is to stand on the starting line of a long distance sled dog race with his own team one day. He fell in love with dog sledding some years ago while volunteering in Canada and now dogs are all he thinks about.

Kazune Takai

All the way from Japan, Kazune has chosen to stay with us for another season and we are super happy about it. She did a tremendous job last year taking care of the overnight guest. We are so happy she will become our main overnight guide this year.

Charlotte Renlund

Charlotte started helping out in the kennel at the age of 13 and she is now one of our main guides. Her long experience both with the dogs and the outdoors compensate for her young age. She did the Finnmark Junior a couple of years ago and we are exited she will be working as a fulltime guide this year. She is also a chef so we are looking forward to tasty dinners.

Tomas Vomacka

Tomas came to the kennel a couple of years ago as a volonteer and right from the start we saw that he was a hard worker. He then went to Finland to work as a guide. He is now coming back for a second season at our place as a guide. We could not be happier. He is super good with the dogs and also a very good carpenter. He has many skills that will help a lot in the running of the kennel.

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