With our Overnight Programme, you can spend the night at Camp Tamok. Spending the night “outdoors” like this in winter time is an Arctic experience in itself. In the period November – March you will have the chance to experience the Northern Lights.

An overnight programme includes an evening adventure and a morning adventure the following day: Three experiences in one! After spending the night you will be transferred directly to one of our morning services, starting at approx. 10.30. Our skilled guides take care of you, making sure you are safe and comfortable at all times. Breakfast is included.

There are five options for spending the night at Camp Tamok:

Night in Wilderness Cabin

The cabin has four bedrooms and two lofts that can accommodate up to 10 guests. Staying in the cabin can therefore be very social, as you can expect to meet and get to know other guests from all parts of the world. In the living room area there is a fire place to keep you warm whilst enjoying the company of the other travelers.

Night in Sami Tent

You will sleep in our winter sleeping bags on top of several reindeer skins. Please note that you will be sharing the lavvu with other visitors, but you will have your own sleeping berth. The temperature might get below zero but our sleeping bags will keep you warm! The lavvu has a capacity of 12 guests all together.

We do not recommend the Night in Sami tent overnight stay to children under the age of 12 years. This is due to the low temperatures that can be experienced overnight.

Night in Aurora Chalet

The Aurora Chalet is our most private accommodation for our guests, for two guests/couples. We have three Aurora Chalet available: small cabins without running water, but heated and with one important detail: one of the roof sides has a window placed in the direction of the Northern Lights. Your double bed is placed right under the window, in perfect angle for watching the lights!

Night in the Gamme

The gamme is a private sami tent for 2 guests/couples. We have two available, each without water and electricity (however with an oven that keeps the gamme warm and cosy). It has a double bed and is furnaced with two chairs and a table. If you want to try out a proper arctic experience and still have some privacy, this is the perfect accommodation for you.

Night in the Char Cabin

The Char Cabin is a private cabin located approx. 100 m away from the camp. It is perfect for 2 - 4 people, and has everything a proper cabin should, including a loft where you will be sleeping. The cabin does not have running water or electricity so you'll have to feed the fireplace with wood and keep warm whilst cuddling up in the couch and listening to the crackling sound from the fire. This cabin is suitable for couples celebrating anniversaries or other big occasions, families and friends.

The Camp - Camp Tamok

Our camp is located approx 75 min away from Tromsø. We have high standard toilets and showers, two dining lavvus, and two dressing rooms. In addition to that, we also have a bar (Bivrost Bar) with an amazing view of the river. Here you can enjoy our own products such as aquavit, whiskey, gin & tonic and vodca. We also have a selection of beer from local producers.The bar will be open after the evening activities.

We can store your luggage during your overnight stay, so that you do not need a hotel room in town at the same night.

Season: November 15th - March 30th
Minimum: Two guests - Overnight programmes require booking an evening adventure and a daytime adventure
Availability: Every night: Overnight stays only available as part of an overnight programme
17:00 outside The Scandic Ishavshotel by the harbour, Tromso town centre.
Back in downtown Tromsø the next day, approximately 16:00.
Price per person:   
Aurora Chalet: NOK 1295 (Full price NOK 1495)
Gamme: NOK 1295 (Full price NOK 1495)
Sami Tent: NOK 1195 (Full price NOK 1395)
Timber Cabin: NOK 1195 (Full price NOK 1395)
Char Cabin: NOK 1495 (Full price NOK 1695)
Price is for overnight stay only and requires booking evening and daytime adventures.
Children 4-15 years: 50 % discount

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